Limited Edition of One

Image Size: 5'9" x 132 lbs
  • Profession: Wildlife artist and hunting guide
  • Age: Forever young
  • Birth Sign: Pisces on the cusp
  • Home: Casper, Wyoming foothills
  • Art Education: Bauhaus, Munich; Academy of Art, Bremen
  • Favorite Books: Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tails and Checkbooks.
  • Favorite Movies: Ones with Happy endings
  • Favorite TV Programs: MASH reruns, Jeopardy and National Geographic Specials
  • Favorite Music: Rock & Roll, Reggae, Gilbert & Sullivan and Beethoven
  • Favorite Party Animals: My husband Gary, Bunnies and Puppies
  • Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Hot Pink and Sun Yellow
  • Favorite Foods: Artichokes with béarnaise sauce and Steak Tarter
  • Favorite Drinks: Expensive Vodka and cheap Champagne
  • Favorite People: Blackjack dealers that BUST!

Unique? Absolutely! She was definitely a ...


Warm, effervescent and a study in perpetual motion, Vivi was equally comfortable at home, at the easel, in the mountains or at a gala opening. Her 20 years in the West, coupled with her extensive European art training, is a blend that allowed Vivi to produce today's most noteworthy Wildlife Art.

Vivi accomplished what all artists strive for; a recognizable style all their own…. The detail she achieved was amazing with soft focus and the frequent use of motion that added to the lifelike appearance of her paintings. Vivi's crowning glory, however, was the inner luminescence of the eyes - best described as "Alive".

It obviously worked. Collectors waited, sometimes years, for an original, and her limited edition prints are still carried in over 300 galleries. Perhaps more importantly, Vivi's art has raised over a million dollars for Wildlife causes with Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wildlife Foundation, Wyoming Wildlife Foundation and she was the 1997 Featured Artist for the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep ... and the species they represent all being beneficiaries.

"I don't think I even thought of the definition of life force until I met Vivi. She affected everyone she came in touch with. You never encountered a woman like this."

Kim Fedore

Nude 1974

Nude 1974 by Vivi

Although renowned for her wildlife art, Vivi painted many portraits and nudes over the years. This piece was a gift to her mother and is now part of her family's private collection.

1944 - 2000

Vivi was diagnosed with metastasized melanoma in June of 1999. She continued creating exceptional paintings and kept her schedule of personal appearances between aggressive treatments. In early March, Vivi was present at the unveiling of her last painting "... and Fancy Free" at Sotheby's in Jackson, Wyoming. The painting was auctioned off at the CES Foundation Gala where she was chosen "Artist of the year 2000". Vivi lost her fight with cancer on April 30th 2000, but continues to live on through her art.