Newest Releases

The prints released after April of 2000 can be found in this room. Since Vivi's passing, Artist's Choice has had the fortune to aquire select original pieces for release as new limited edition prints. Thanks to our valued collectors for their donations.

Each of these prints is signed and numbered by Gary Crandall, aka Mr. C.

Signed and Numbered Prints

We still have some prints that are not sold out. This room features the open edition Vivi prints that can still be purchased at affordable prices. All these prints are close to selling out, so if you want a Vivi Crandall print...get one soon before it's too late.


Sold Out (aka) Very Limited Prints

Many of Vivi's prints have long been sold out. They are no longer available, although, we sometimes have a few on hand but they are very limited. The value of these prints vary, with some selling for several thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

If you are interested in aquiring a particular print please call us as we may have, or be able to locate, it for you.

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